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Starting fresh is the best way to begin your new year!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Right now, most people want to lose all the weight they put on over the holidays. Ideally, you'd have eating healthy over the last few weeks and kept temptations to a minimum, but even the best of us falls into the crab's trap! We've all got a little damage control to do. There is no time like now, to end 2022 on a good note. Starting fresh is the best way to begin your new year!

Beginning today, you can get a head start on looking and feeling your best in 2023 with these amazing tips.

Give your goals an extra push. Start Now! Don't get hyper-focused on the number on the scale. The law of attraction says that if you focus on the thing you want, you will attract that thing into your life.

Spice up your shakes. Had a few too many slices of cake or pie this holiday season? You can still enjoy the sweet and spicy flavor—without worrying about the after-effects

My favorite way to lose weight and fat, replacing two meals with smoothies and add 30 minutes of cardio... are my secret weapon for fast fat loss. Break your fast every day with a smoothie, if you need protein choices check out the plant-based choice or the 17 favors available click choices button.

For fast results, here are 5 more ways you can lose 5 pounds within a month!

  1. LIMIT FAT INTAKE Fat is an essential component in your diet, but it only needs to be about 20% of your daily intake of nutrients. Eating a diet full of fast food and processed food leads to about 40% from fat. Limiting your fat intake will give you a more wholesome approach to your diet.

  2. EAT MORE PROTEIN Consuming more protein is an easy way to help you feel full without storing excess weight. Protein is a macronutrient that is not stored in excess. Any additional protein that you eat is passed as waste - making it a very effective solution to weight loss.

  3. START EXERCISING Diet will take you pretty far, but the real kickstart will occur when you start exercising. Do the simple things like going on the treadmill, basic barbell exercises, or joining a new yoga class. You could also swim, enjoy neighborhood sports games, or play with your kids. The style of exercise doesn't matter. Be patient, have fun, and you will lose weight.

  4. EAT MORE FIBER Fiber is an indigestible source of carbohydrates. Consuming it in larger quantities can help you to feel full. Fiber will also lower your net carbohydrate count, lower cholesterol, and lead to greater success in weight loss.

  5. EAT SPICY FOODS Eating spicy foods like garlic, pepper, and cayenne will help to increase your metabolic rate in a very natural way. That's because of an ingredient called capsaicin which can help to elevate the heart rate without having an effect on blood pressure - perfect for that extra kick in weight loss.

Oh yeah, if you want more actionable tips for your health journey? Follow along on my YouTube channel, where I post videos to help you reach your health and weight goals. Subscribe to my channel here.

Losing weight is always a challenge. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, vacation, or if you just want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans again, kicking those couple of pounds will take time and dedication. Stay the course!

And The Journey Continue!

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