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Desperate to feel good? I was…

It is true that diseases begin festering in the gut, so it’s important to take care of our gut health!

A lot of my discomfort stems from stomach-related issues, you’re not alone. There is help! Your discomfort can be several things:

❌Leaky gut


❌GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

❌Celiac Disease

Just to name a few…

But don’t worry! By taking good care of your gut health, these nasty issues can be easily treated. Want to know how to start caring for your gut a lot more? I’m glad you asked.

I will share how I change my gut health in the New You New Gut Program, my poor gut health is the reason why I created this program.

Over the 60 days, beginning 2/6/23, I will take you through a Gut check that helps you add, what your body needs to support a healthy gut.

It will help you feel good because.

· It will help your body handle the sugar craving, booze, altered sleep, and stress.

· It will help you understand what your body is going thorough.

· It will help you identify what’s servicing your body and discover the root cause of your health

· It won’t break your bank, spirit or 2023 plans.

So, book your call and let get you start in the 60-day live New You New Gut Program Book Call

Once you sign up and complete your gut evaluation before kickoff on 2/6/23

On the kickoff date 2/6/2023 we will go over the following:

1. Foods / nutrients to add

2. Foods / nutrients to reduce or remove

3. Non-Food Items to consider / upgrade like skincare, fitness, breathing, etc.

Then you will get your assignment for that week and tips on how to implement it.

The Facebook group sessions will be Thursday and Sundays to go over new topics,

tips, resources as well as address any challenges or questions.

The group is live and will be moderated daily in case there are any questions during

those 60 days.

You will also get some great bonus tools to use for 2023.

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