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Don't Be Tricked!

You work so hard on reaching your health goals, losing weight, creating healthy habits, reducing sodium and the sugar cravings all year long. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around and everything you worked hard for is long go and old habits come back. Sometimes the hard work is gone at Halloween.

It's a scary thought, knowing you can go right back to where you started. I'm not going to let that happen to you. With my help, you're going to avoid the blood-sugar-spiking. Here is a tip on how you can avoid falling into the old habits trap during Holiday season… don't fall victim to the trick or treat. Use this tip below to keep your blood sugar stabilize.

help stabilize blood sugar:

• Crowd out excess sugar.

• Eat protein and vegetables before simple carbohydrates.

• Increase dietary fiber.

• Talk to your practitioner about supplements that may help balance blood sugar.

• Get a good night’s sleep.

• Aim for a healthy weight.

Crowd Out Excess Sugar: This means eating more foods that are nutritious, leaving less room for simple sugars and processed foods. This could look like implementing more complex carbohydrates into your diet, like sweet potatoes, beets, and grains. My Healthier You Program, recommends crowding out excess sugar by swapping high sugar food for more whole food and eating a savory breakfast instead of a sweet one.

Are you ready to transform your lifestyle and find a deeper appreciation for your body? Let Get Start with me

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