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How Water Boosts Immunity

There’s probably been at least one person in your life who has tried to solve every problem you have with a glass of water.

Broke up with your S.O? Drink water!

Stubbed your toe on the TV stand? Have a glass of water!

Trying to get healthy? Time for some water!

While an icy glass of water may not solve a broken heart, it has real benefits as a hack to boost your immune system! You can do many things as a hack to boost your immune system, but nothing quite holds a candle to drinking plenty of water for your immune system!

Get More Water into Your Day

It’s one thing to know and understand that water is the key to a healthy immune system and quite another to work it into your day.

You’ve got the knowledge. Now’s the time to put it into practice and start making real, measurable changes in how you engage this “hack” in your daily life!

Choose a Container You Like

No one likes to keep reaching for that busted-up aluminum water bottle that’s seen better days. The simple container that keeps your water can put you off from drinking more.

Rather than languish in the aluminum water bottle from the 3rd-grade world, find a cup, water bottle, or container that makes you excited to reach for it while you’re at work or in the car or on your bike, or at the gym!

Creating a space where you feel confident and comfortable with your utensils for health is a key component in how you enact that hack. Drinking water is infinitely more fun from a container you really enjoy and that has a draw!

Set an Alarm

Getting into the habit of drinking more water takes some focus. There’s no shame in simply setting an alarm to remind you to get a drink of water before continuing with your day!

You won’t need this for the long term, but it can be a powerful tool that you can use to engage with your new decisions and put them at the forefront. Make it a challenge or a game to hit every single alarm and finish a certain amount of water in a period!

More is Better

Most people have heard that a good rule of thumb is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but this can be hard to use as a measure. After all, what kind of glass really counts?

Instead, getting enough water looks more like drinking 2-4 liters of water each day. It might take time to work up to this level of water intake but increasing it every day, little by little, gets you the benefits your body needs, and you’ll be able to reach your goals in a short time!

Drinking Water for Immune Health!

How does drinking more water impact my immune health?

Eliminating Toxins

Your immune system acts as a defense for your body. When it’s bombarded constantly by outside invaders like toxins, bacteria, and viruses, it can wear down the walls of your defenses fast.

Drinking more water helps your body eliminate those toxins and restore the natural balance within the system! Increases in water also increase circulation which pulls toxins away and eliminates them throughout the day.

Aid in Digestion

When your tummy is having difficulty processing what you eat, it might not just be about what you’re eating; it may be about how much water you’re drinking!

Your stomach and intestines need water to process food properly. Water aids in digestion and moves things along without it getting stuck in your system. Without water, you’ll find that it’s harder to pass and eliminate waste throughout the day.

Eliminating waste pulls out other toxins and keeps your immune system boosted!

Increased Oxygen Flow

The more water you drink, the better your oxygen flow will be! Increasing your oxygen levels boosts your immune system by bringing in more nutrients through the circulatory system. Instead of focusing on one specific area of your body that seems to shut down on a whim, increasing your water intake pushes more blood and oxygen to every area so you can thrive!


Adding more water into your day takes time, but the benefits are easy to see! Not only will your immune system be boosted, but you’ll find that your hair, skin, nails, and overall outlook on life can change and be boosted just by getting more water into your day.

Utilize all your resources from a container you like to use to setting alarms for drinking water to get started. Your immune system will thank you!

To learn more about the 5 Hacks for Boosting Your Immune System, click link and get your FREE e-Book.

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