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Last Few Weeks Of Summer!

As the last few weeks of summer go by and you’re planning how you’re going to get “back on track” for fall, with planning kids’ lunch and family meals, and you want to be on that healthy path, I just made it easy for you.

So, here’s an exclusive gift just for you! 25% off the meal plan grab it NOW!

Due to our busy lifestyles, children don’t always get the nutrition they need for their growing bodies and minds. However, it should come as no surprise that students with healthier diets do better in school. In a study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), eat fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary sodas were also shown to get mostly A’s.

Getting a child started in the morning is no easy task, especially when we need to get ourselves ready for work at the same time. It’s easy to pour out a bowl of cereal and call it a meal, but are we doing our children, and ourselves, any favors? Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast has a positive effect on a child’s memory and attention. Colorful fruits and vegetables are strong immune supporters, as are yogurt, poultry, and almonds.

So, here’s an exclusive gift just for you! 25% off the meal plan grab it NOW!

Inside our Back-to-School Meal Plan, you will receive recipe collections that are healthy that even the picky eater will enjoy and includes:

1. 12 Bento Box Lunch Ideas

2. 15 After School Snack Ideas

3. 25 Superfast Recipes for kids

4. 16 Dinner Recipes

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