Your Title: Super Food For Gut Health

Did you know? Certain populations are more likely to experience gas and bloating, particularly women and obese individuals.

When gas builds up in the stomach due to swallowing air while eating, it is expelled from the mouth through belching. In contrast, excess gas in the colon, likely related to diet, is released through flatulence.

The reason I created the 3-day summer detox program, is that oftentimes I see clients that struggle with Chronic Diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating, nutritional deficiencies, poor immune system, headaches, excessive fatigue. If you can relate to this then this program was designed specifically to help you to overcome bloating and constipation and help you practice mindful eating, identify foods that trigger gas and bloating

If you know I am talking to YOU, join the 3-day summer detox program or let’s chat within the next few days and see if 3-day summer detox program is your best next step.

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Gut health is something that often goes unnoticed and put on the back burner, forgotten about.

Did you know that there are certain superfoods you could be eating that help boost your gut health?

This includes:



💫Chia seeds



And so much more!

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