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Get To Know All About Jeniece

Black Vegan Health & Wellness Enterprise

Work With Me! 

I'M Jeniece Paige PhD Student 

I help busy successful women get out of the yo-yo “diet” mentality and move into natural sustainable lifestyle and get the body they desire.
My populations served is nutrition and fitness coaching, my methodology techniques have proved outcome for effective weight loss, weight management and health prevention for over 100’s women and few good men.


  • MBA Graduate

  • Certified Nutritionist 

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certificate A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

The struggle is real, don't go alone.

My lifestyle has improved my quality of living.


I’m living a fulfilled and satisfying life. The body can be powerful and very rewarding if you feed it with the right nutrition and physical fitness.  

 I'm so passion to see other people embrace and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with food and physical fitness.

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"The beautiful part of this journey is the wisdom I get to share with you." 

I Am A Powerful Confident Vulnerable Leader!

Thank you Lord for the stretch. God will put us in situations that will stretch us and our faith. This stretch will/is going to deepen my relationship with the Lord, my vision/dreams are bigger and the stretch is necessary.

Coach J

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