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Your body is detoxifying right now. This very minute. Yes, even if you haven’t been chugging organic cold-pressed green juices all week or adding special powders to your morning smoothies. Don’t believe me? I get it. That’s because you probably hear the word “detox” used a lot of different ways and few are correct. Here’s the deal: We create internal “messes” every day that necessitate detoxification—a.k.a. clean-up work in the body. When you create a mess and don’t clean up, there’s a good chance you’ll get sick more often, feel kind of “meh” all the time, not get the weight-loss results you’re going after, and more. However, your body is a well-designed machine that knows how to detox (clean up those messes on its own). More reason to detox NOW! I always say that your body is like a race car. And if you roll with me on that analogy, then you know how your car needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Imagine getting into your car with all of those on-the-go pit stop crumbs, crushed cereal, crumpled-up tissues, and gum wrappers. Then, imagine taking a drive after spending some time cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping all that dust off the dash. More reason to detox NOW! So much more enjoyable, right? Well, the same is true inside your body: •We create messes inside our body every day. While you might guess that the “unhealthy” stuff causes these messes—like non-organic food, stress, and alcohol—the good stuff in life contribute to these messes, too.

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